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Andrea has a background in biology and natural history interpretation through various environmental consultant jobs, teaching, research projects, a MSc in biology, and volunteer positions. Having lived and worked across Canada and Ontario, she has much experience in the field. Although a general naturalist, birds are her main focus both in biology jobs and through art.  

Andrea is also an artist who expresses her love of nature through various art forms, feeling it is important that people of all ages are exposed to nature. "I believe it is critical to understand the things you are painting or drawing, and have always had the goal of merging the disciplines of science and art".  Andrea's art has been published in a number of publications and magazines, including an identification guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Algonquin Park, Birders Journal, Wildflower magazine, Ontario Birds, and Ontario Insects, among others.

Andrea's background as a biologist, naturalist and nature lover has given her a familiarity with the things she photographs and paints, something she feels is important.  Although no form of art can truly capture nature's beauty, she loves the challenge of trying to  highlight some of its creatures.​ Favorite art forms include: photography, natural history paintings and illustration, and wool felted animals. Although these various art forms are very different from one another, each stems from a deep love and appreciation of nature and are my attempt to celebrate different ways of looking at the world. 

Her artwork, both photographs and illustrations, hope to inspire people to get outside and appreciate what is around them. 


Andrea currently is a biologist in Brighton, Ontario who is happy to take people out on private guided trips which can be tailored to various interests and also teaches art classes to individuals and small groups. 

Recently featured in a special wetlands mini documentary for National Geographic and Finish detergent.

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