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A small sample of some of my photography.

Please check out my Facebook and Instagram page for more work.

Prints available on request.


fall colors behind a raven in the leaves
northern gannets portrait. young bird and parent
green jay
Piping Plover.jpg
sandhill crane
bright red northern cardinal on a snowy tree
Canada jay flying from some bushes in Algonquin park


pine martin peeking around a tree in Algonquin park
pine martin looking at the camera in the snow
cute red squirrel looking at the camera in the snow
head photo of a red fox
White-tailed deer in evening light looking over grasses

Nature scenes

monarch butterfly flying with pink flowers in background
rocks with moss in a lush green forest
Japanese beetle perched on plant stem with green background
bright fall colours, forest scene
Northern Lights over tree silhouettes in Presquile Park
lake superior pebbles on the beach
fall colors, misty morning in Algonquin park lake
Misty lake in Algonquin Park with canoes onshore
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